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If you want your carpets clean and tidy in no time and at prices that won’t put a dent in your bank balance. Pacmate is just the place you are in search of.

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A tidy place beautifies it in an instant. No matter if the interior is old, new, big, or small. Have your carpets dirt-free and make your space look pristine.

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Our professional and skilled team aims to offer you the best of their services, all without hassles or wasting your precious time.

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We aim to provide you dry cleaning services that leave you with complete satisfaction by putting in utmost dedication, care, and devotion into our work and striving for the most optimal results. That is the sole reason why we stand today as among the best dry cleaners in all of Australia.


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As soon as you book an appointment with us, our team surveys your space, examining your carpet area, and how much cleaning is required. After that, we offer you a market-competitive quote and one that you sure won’t have any issues with. This procedure is also free of cost for all our customers.


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Pacmate aims to offer you the best of our services. Therefore, to ensure we clean your carpets with the utmost care and no damage to them, we use our best available cleaning equipment and solutions.
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What are the 3 differences between level 1 and level 2 electricians?

The vital qualification between a Level 1 Electrician and a Level 2 Electrician is that the latter is able to do establishments, fixes, and upkeep work on assistance lines that run between a property (both business and private) and the electrical stock organization. Level 2 electricians manage more risky errands than typical electrical technicians. They should be firmly observed to guarantee they follow security systems while tackling their job.  Level 1 supplier can play out the accompanying administrations:

  • laying and hanging of power links just as jointing of links
  • raising power posts and unearthing underground channels
  • linework with the exception of those that include live high voltage

A level 1 electrical expert is considered overhead and underground development work on appropriating networks situated to the adjoining street. A level 2 electrical expert is qualified and approved to play out the accompanying:

  • establishment of a contestable market metering
  • detachment and reconnection
  • underground helplines
  • overhead lines fixes and support
  • separating and reconnecting the electrical organization


A level 2 specialist organization is authorized to give for example development of administration lines between the circulation framework, mark of association with the premises, establishment of metering administrations, power supply redesigning. It is important that you understand what it means to be a level 1 and level 2 electrician so that you know when to employ one. The next step is understanding the differences. Major differences also include:

Separation and reconnection

Level 2 electrical expert is authorized constantly to introduce a force meter in your home. You need a meter to monitor your force utilization and charging. Power merchants can approve the separation of force supply to a client as a result of different reasons, for example, wellbeing measures or if the client has not taken care of their power bill for quite a while. To accomplish this work, the power merchants will send a level 2 circuit repairman to separate force supply since they have the right stuff to do so. After the issues have been settled, they will likewise send a level 2 circuit tester to reconnect the force supply.

Underground and overhead force supply

The electric force is communicated through two different ways, underground or overhead stockpile. The two sorts enjoy their own benefits and inconveniences and there are unique situations where one of them can be prescribed to the next. Underground force supply includes the utilization of links that pass underground while overhead uses electric shafts and links to supply power. Level 2 circuit repairmen can introduce overhead or underground force supply. They additionally supplant broken electric shafts or links.

Redesign power

Power is either associated at a solitary stage or 3 stages. Single-stage is for the most part utilized for homegrown use while 3 stages is utilized for mechanical or business use. The single stage has two wires, the live and unbiased while the 3 stage has 3 dynamic and one nonpartisan. In the event that you need to switch your power supply from a solitary stage to 3 stages, you can contact a level 2 electrical expert who will do it unhesitatingly.


Now that you know the difference between Level 1 and Level 2, you can easily hire a 24 hour electrician melbourne whenever you have an electricity related emergency.


Close it in a polyethylene tubular bag with the mothproof inside.

Even if it has been recently washed, moths can always surprise you, so put it in the coolest possible place, without humidity if possible. And if there was a window through which daylight would enter it would be even better. This is for added security if he has to stay indefinitely. In any case, even to keep them under control, every six months let them get some air.

Important, that’s why I insist: let them get some air.
At least every six months I recommend that you open it, check it and let it air for a few hours. I understand this is a nuisance, but I have seen too many moth-eaten rugs because they have been closed for so long.

The fluff on the newly purchased carpet.
Do not be scared, the carpet is new, and has just been shaved: it is natural that the first time it loses a bit of fluff. If it is of good quality it will disappear in a short time. If it isn’t, it will continue to shed fluff forever.

Rugs made with recycled wool waste give this result.

When you spot a flying thread, don’t tear it!
Show it to your trusted dealer, or better still contact us, we are always at your disposal.

The wear.
Do not leave the carpet always in the same position otherwise it always wears out in the same areas. Change the direction of the carpet once or twice a year.

Dents in the fleece due to the furniture.
Place felt rods under the legs of tables or furniture. A sheet of plywood in the case of marble or stone. If you have armchairs, tables, etc. with very small feet try to increase the support base by placing a sturdy object under it that increases the surface (for example, a round or square steel or brass cap depending on the shape of the foot).

How to avoid certain dents of the fleece?
Do not always leave an armchair, a coffee table, etc. in the same place. It is enough to move it a few centimeters every now and then and the fleece will recover.

The fleece is dented, how to do it? Is simple.
Take the iron and a brush and iron it with the steam, combing it in its direction without resting the iron. Basically you just have to take advantage of the steam.

Some rugs can be ironed normally, but not all, so to avoid mistakes, I suggest you proceed step by step: first just steam then placing it just by combing it.

The carpet always slips and moves.
Obviously we need to put the anti-slip underneath. If the carpet does not slip, everything is fine, but if it does slip it is very dangerous and someone could get hurt.

On the market there are various kinds, usually in latex, rubber, etc. The rubber ones have a bad flaw: they leave a mark on the floor that never goes away.

We offer you an exclusive anti-slip , which you can also buy online and order to measure. It leaves no marks on the floors and protects the carpet from wear, which is no less important than avoiding bad falls.

Furniture on the carpet.
Before moving the carpet, make sure you have moved any furniture on it, otherwise it could tear.

The wax.
Do not wax the part of the floor under the carpets too much. Excess wax can ruin the carpet and make it dirty faster.


We have noticed that many people just don’t know how to properly treat their rugs at home.
Often the incorrect use of cleaning tools, detergents and inappropriate methods can cause irreparable damage to carpets.

I often read articles in blogs dedicated to ladies who solve any problem in a very simple way.
I’m sorry: this is real nonsense that is useless.

How many times do they call after ruining carpets with the “do it yourself”, especially desperate domestic helpers!
When it comes to antique specimens, we are witnessing real disasters that could easily have been avoided with a simple, but effective, carpet maintenance.

Our advice on the maintenance of oriental carpets done at home is the result of many years of experience and the answers to all the questions that customers usually ask us when they bring their carpets.

When carpets arrive for washing and restoration in our laboratory, we can understand how their life was, how they were treated, but above all we give advice on how the customer should treat them in the future so as not to have the same problems again.

Tips on carpet maintenance to do at home are very important because they will help you have a more beautiful home by spending much less on washing and renovations.

It is clear that these tips do not replace professional washing and restoration , but they will certainly help you reduce the need for it.

Read all the tips on how to clean oriental rugs and how to treat them well at home.
How to store carpets for short or long periods?
This is one of our customers’ frequently asked questions. Let’s see what the precautions are. Roll your carpet well so that it will keep without deforming. Remember that this will only keep your carpet in good condition if it is perfectly clean.

Better folded or rolled?
For reasons of space, sometimes the carpet is folded and left like this for a long time. It is a mistake that can be costly, especially if it is an antique carpet or with a normal pile.

If you store the rug folded, it will make you ugly creases. Aside from the creases, if you have antique rugs, the structure could get damaged, weaken and make nice cuts.
If the carpet is new and has enough fleece, it will crush and become ugly to look at.

So always roll up the carpet and never fold it for long periods.

Trained Cleaners:

We at Pacmate have high expertise and use our training and skills to make sure we dry clean your carpets without taking too much of your time.

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