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If you want your carpets clean and tidy in no time and at prices that won’t put a dent in your bank balance. Pacmate is just the place you are in search of.

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A tidy place beautifies it in an instant. No matter if the interior is old, new, big, or small. Have your carpets dirt-free and make your space look pristine.

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Our professional and skilled team aims to offer you the best of their services, all without hassles or wasting your precious time.

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We aim to provide you dry cleaning services that leave you with complete satisfaction by putting in utmost dedication, care, and devotion into our work and striving for the most optimal results. That is the sole reason why we stand today as among the best dry cleaners in all of Australia.


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As soon as you book an appointment with us, our team surveys your space, examining your carpet area, and how much cleaning is required. After that, we offer you a market-competitive quote and one that you sure won’t have any issues with. This procedure is also free of cost for all our customers.


Best products:

Pacmate aims to offer you the best of our services. Therefore, to ensure we clean your carpets with the utmost care and no damage to them, we use our best available cleaning equipment and solutions.
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How to Fix Common Plumbing Gold Coast Issues

Many, if not all, homes on the Gold Coast have, at one time experienced common plumbing issues. Some of the relatively minor plumbing Gold Coast issues are readily fixed by DIY homeowners.

The ten typical plumbing problems that can be fixed with basic tools and a little understanding include:


Clogged shower or bath drain

Soap and hair are the common elements that clog shower and bath drains. A plumber’s snake or plunger can usually clear up the blockage. The clog can also be dissolved with vinegar and baking soda.

Investing in a drain guard is the best preventive measure to minimise hair or soap from clogging the drain.


Faulty water heater

The water suddenly turning cold while using the shower is a sign of a faulty water heater. Problems such as a build-up of sediments in the tank, a failing thermostat, or a pilot light going out are the common causes for the water heater to fail.

Relighting a pilot light is the most basic DIY fix of a water heater. However, it’s best to have your water heater fixed, inspected, and maintained by a professional plumber.


Dripping faucets

Probably the most common plumbing issue of any home is dripping faucets. Not only is it irritating to see and hear; your water bill can quickly shoot up.

In many cases, a dislodged, worn, stiff, or torn internal washer is the culprit. Basic tools and DIY skills can quickly clear up the issue of dripping faucets. Only remember to switch off the water supply before disassembling the faucet.


Clogged toilet

A clogged toilet fills the bowl with water without draining. A mix of human waste and paper makes this happen. A plunger provides the fastest solution to a clogged toilet. The blockage can also be loosened with help from a drain auger or sewer snake.


Low water pressure

A trickle rather than a gush of water from the tap means low water pressure. Older homes usually have this problem. The most common cause of low water pressure is corroded, worn, leaking, or broken pipes. Professional plumbing services are needed with this kind of issue.

Replacing or soaking the showerhead in vinegar provides the solution for low water pressure on showerheads.


Running toilet

As much as 200 gallons of water are lost every day by a running toilet. The flapper valve controlling the passage of water from the tank to the bowl is the common cause of this issue. Replacing the flapper is a straightforward job that quickly clears up the problem.

However, sediments can affect the filling and flushing of the toilet. Professional plumbing services are needed with this issue.


Leaky pipes

A lot of major problems happen in a home with leaky pipes. They can damage floors and furniture and the dampness they cause is an open invitation for bugs. Temporary fixes can be done in the form of fillers, tape, and compounds.

However, the plumber’s expertise is needed when you want a permanent solution. Water freezing and expanding during winter is the main cause of leaky or bursting pipes.

That’s why it’s always best to hire professional plumbing services to inspect, update, and fix leaky pipes before winter.

Is your home currently experiencing plumbing issues? Hiring professional plumbing services is the smartest way to bring a quick and effective resolution. They offer to fix common plumbing issues.



Finding a builder in Gympie

If you are thinking about building a new home for yourself it is important that you find the right builder in Gympie. Building a home is going to be a major investment and that is why it is important that you always hire somebody after careful planning and thought.

Make sure that you keep the following tips in mind for hiring a builder in Gympie.


Tips for finding a builder in Gympie

One of the easiest ways to look for good builders is to get the necessary reference from friends or family who may have recently had the house built. You can also speak to your neighbors if they have had a renovation done or if there are any houses in neighborhood which have been built recently and you think that you like the style and design.

If you cannot get referrals from people you know you can always turn to the local contractors in your area. They usually have first-hand knowledge regarding the different builders and how they provide services. You can even carry out a local search on the Internet and you would be flooded with the number of options. However before you hire a builder it is important that you have some idea regarding the kind of houses they build.

If you are looking for a modern home with a contemporary design that you need to find a builder who specializes in designing the modern home. On the other hand if you are keen on developing and building energy efficient home then you need to find a builder who goes by the title of green builders. These are things which you can only find out after you have done your bit of research. It might seem time-consuming to you but it is going to be beneficial in the long run.

Once you make a list of the builders it is time that you start visiting each of them in person to get references from the builder and go and visit them to get an idea about how happy they were with the workmanship and the way the builder handled the whole project.

The next step is to get quotations from the builders Gympie you have shortlisted. It is important to get the full details in writing to see what is covered and what is not covered in their work and you might also need to ask them about site maintenance clearance and the materials which they are going to supply. You might even want to find out about any planning permit which might be required when you are building a new home in your locality.

It is better to talk about the budget in the very beginning so that all the terms of the payment are mentioned before hand. Your builder might ask you to pay a certain amount of cash so that they are able to buy the materials to start on the project will stop however later non they might want to ask you for payment in installments is the project keeps getting completed.

Make sure that you keep all these things in mind when designing of building a new home.




Top six factors to consider when looking for a professional carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaners are so common nowadays because many people have carpets in their homes that need their services. You have to be extra cautious when you are looking for a carpet cleaning expert because you might end up getting the worst services from them, and this could damage your precious carpets

Before you even go out to look for an expert, you should first look at the following tips on how to find the right expert.

Tips on getting a good carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaning techniques

It is vital to find out the techniques used by a given company to see if it fits your carpets. Recall that every type of carpet has its cleaning instructions that must be adhered to. Moreover, the techniques used should be more technologically advanced to facilitate efficient cleaning.

Overall experience in carpet cleaning

While analysing a carpet cleaning firm, it is important to find out about their experience in carpet cleaning. A well-experienced cleaner understands the different needs for different carpets.

They can also go further and provide you with extra services like small repairs and odour treatments. You can also explore more solutions that they have for different house items.

Permit to clean carpets

A carpet cleaner also needs a permit from the state to clean carpets. That way, their operations can be closely monitored and this ensures that a cleaner remains professional in their work. This is important when you invite the expert over to your house. The person should not end up stealing your property when you are not on watch.

Customer satisfaction

The cleaner should ensure that they meet their clients’ requirements at all times. If a client is satisfied, then there are high chances that the client will contact the expert again for services in the future.

The fees they charge

A good carpet cleaner offers their services to their clients at convenient fees that they can easily raise. However, you should note that cheap services sometimes are costly and can end up destroying your expensive carpets. Hence, you need to put other important factors such as the techniques used before you can settle down on the most convenient price.


The expert should be available when you need them and should be easy to reach. Their time of availability should just be when you are free to see them. Besides, they should be able to create time to visit you when you are in urgent need of them.

Disadvantages of hiring a carpet cleaning expert

The following are the disadvantages of hiring a professional cleaning company:

Costly – since they use sophisticated means of cleaning carpets, you might find that they are more expensive to hire than when hiring casual cleaners.

Involving – you will have to fill in some documents to initiate the trabeation. They may also take time to reach you because many customers are waiting to be served. Unlike hiring a casual carpet cleaner who can start the job immediately.

Not easy to find – finding well-established professional carpet cleaners Hervey Bay is hard because they normally love to stick around big cities. If you happen to be in a remote area, you will have to incur the cost of travelling to look for a decent carpet cleaner. On the other hand, casual carpet cleaners can be found anywhere and at any time provided you ask.



Finding knockdown rebuilders in Brisbane

Usually, it comes at a time when homes start to look a little old. On the other hand, one may wish to renovate their home so that it looks appealing. When such a thought comes to mind one has to consider the need to rebuild their home.

One disadvantage of renovating an existing house is that it’s costly and likely to be stressful. This may make one change their mind and resolve to knock down their current home to come up with a new structure that is of their dream.

Establishing a home in a neighbourhood that’s of your standard

It could be that you have found a new neighbourhood or are already in one where you’d like your old home replaced with a new one. That should not give you a headache. You can easily find a knockdown rebuilder in Brisbane to help.


Establishing your very dream home

Many people do have their dream homes that they wish to establish someday. You too, may not be an exception. It could be a fancy home, a double, a house for children, a single, etc. You really can count on knockdown rebuilders in Brisbane to help you with this endeavour. From their extensive variety of plans, you get the assurance of being closer to your dream home.

If you consider rebuilding your home in Brisbane the process is quite easy due to the many knockdown rebuilders available.

Setting up for home rebuild with knockdown rebuilders in Brisbane

After selecting a favourite design for your home from their plans, Brisbane knock down rebuild home builders will issue you with advice as well as lead you through the rebuilding.

That said, let us take a look at some key aspects that you have to be familiar with before embarking on the rebuilding process.

  1. Engage your local authorities before the process kicks off. Inform them of your intention to demolish your property and find out the relevant information regarding the strength of the surrounding land (If heavy machinery is to be used), other structures, etc.
  2. Find and speak to a registered company and agree on terms and other requirements that will be tabled before the rebuilding process starts.
  3. Before the rebuilding process, that is demolition and building, ensure that all the companies involved in the process are authorised to carry out their activities by the relevant licensing body.
  4. A document copy of the permit authorizing demolition of the property should be issued to the companies that will be involved in the process. if minerals may be present in your establishment, the companies may be required to remove them as well.
  5. Amenities such as sewer systems and water pipes should be carefully handled as per the local governing body. This should as well be known by one seeking to rebuild their home.
  6. Power lines, as well as gas pipes, should be disconnected in advance. This can be communicated to the respective companies early so that the request may be processed in time before the actual period of demolition of the home.

Rebuilding comes with several benefits:

  1. You do not get to pay real estate charges.
  2. Your children do not end up meeting new friends or enrolling in new schools.
  3. You remain in the current location that you have been living in.
  4. Neighbours remain the same.



A Buying Guide for Caravan Awnings

Camping caravans have increased the capacity in recent years but if you want to get some extra space for your camping experience, caravan awnings are an ideal solution to accommodate larger groups without being limited and crampy. This buying guide will highlight crucial features to look out for when shopping for a caravan awning whether you are a lone ranger or in a group.

Let’s begin by explaining what a caravan awning is and the rest will follow suit. A caravan awning works similar to what a house extension in a real estate property works. In the same way, caravan awnings bring additional space to your camper. Whether you would like a space for barbecuing, a storage area, or a playground for your kids, you have it all with a caravan awning. You are at liberty to choose how to use that extra space you are getting with the use of a caravan awning. An awning is a tent-like feature that attaches itself to the caravan vehicle that you can erect and pull down within some minutes on the go. There is no camping experience like enhancing your trip with an awning for that extra space for a siesta.

So, why should one purposely buy a caravan awning in the first place? Many benefits come with a caravan awning. One major advantage is doubling the available living space.

Different awning sizes are available

There are two common awning styles – these are; full & porch styles. However, when buying a caravan awning, size is the most important consideration to keep in mind. Although most caravan awnings fit between 235 and 250 cm. But you better double-check this before buying one. Porch awnings are small and quick to install compared to full awnings. Porch awnings provide you with that extra space to hang your wet gear and a storage place for bikes and more. During unfavourable weather conditions, these porch awnings provide a space to keep wet and uncomfortable items out of your caravan but still under a shelter.

The first thing to do is to find out the height of the attaching area in your caravan so that you will know the type of caravan awning that will work best for your case.

These are some of the important aspects to consider when purchasing a caravan awning:

  • Attaching height: Take the measurements correctly to ensure your awning fits perfectly
  • Floorplan size: Consider how much space your caravan awning will provide and prepare the floor plan accordingly. Although this is adjustable according to your needs.
  • Rail compatibility: Caravan awnings in some instances need a minimum length of a straight rail.
  • Awning annexe: If you think you might require some extra space for your caravan, consider a caravan awning with extension compatibility for extra space in the future when you need it.

The ideal type of caravan awning to buy

There are several aspects to consider before buying a caravan awning. These are some of the top features to consider beforehand:

  • Skylights for lighting
  • Larger windows for comfortable viewing
  • Awning light hanging points for easy lighting during the nights
  • Consider flat entry for pushchairs or wheeled chairs.
  • Weatherproofing features
  • Annexe compatibility.
  • Curtains to improve privacy

Another key point to consider when buying a caravan awning is how often do you go camping and the number of parties you often go out with.


Top Reasons for Investing in Security Screen Doors Gold Coast

Securing your home on the Gold Coast could be your top priority. If you are looking for a way to improve the security of your home, investing in security screen doors, Gold Coast is worth considering.

Your family and home are kept safe at all times when intruders are prevented from entering by security screen doors. Investing in security doors is a good place to start in your search for the first line of defense from elements such as intruders and bad weather.


The Worth of Security Screen Doors


Many homeowners assume that the only benefited thing they get from security screen doors is enhanced security. While it is the top benefit, enhanced comfort and safety are also provided by the versatile fittings of the security screen doors.

Some of the top and often unknown reasons to have security screen doors installed in the home include:

Enjoy peace and privacy

Privacy and peace are enjoyed when no one can see you in while you can see out. The security screen door’s angle and thickness of the mesh material make it tough for people passing by to see inside your home. Just like a two-way mirror, privacy and peace are provided by the screen doors especially when the outside light is brighter than inside the home.


Safe feeling for people living alone

The small cash outlays you make with security screen doors provide huge benefits in providing reliable protection for your home. This is especially true when you are living alone.

A security door allows you to leave your windows and doors open whether you’re home or out of it. Just remember to go for high-quality security doors that are not easily broken into, tampered with, or quickly removed.

Feeling vulnerable while living alone is no longer an option with the installation of high-quality and heavy-duty security screen doors.


Burglar deterrent

A set of simple but high-quality security doors offer more protection than expensive home protection systems and alarm systems. The versatility of security screen doors allows them to easily fit all door types, sizes, and shapes. The extreme durability of the aluminium security doors allows them to withstand high degrees of force.

Only remember to opt for security doors that prove durable to varied types of forced break-ins such as:

  • Dynamic impact
  • Jimmy test
  • Probe resistant
  • Knife shear
  • Pull test

You’re in good hands when opting for security doors that pass all these kinds of break-ins. Burglars are likely to leave you alone if they have to contend with all these obstacles.


Provide good ventilation

A good airflow inside the home is the smartest way to protect your health. Fresh air allowed to flow freely by the security screen doors not only prevents mould; it also quickly dissipates any unpleasant odours.

Letting in the air in your home all year round is healthy even during the winter months. The protection and fine wire mesh material of the screen door allow you to leave your home open in all seasons without compromising your safety and health.

Good value for your money is gained when you opt to have your home installed with a security screen door. The usefulness and versatility of the screen door make it a good investment no matter your reasons to have it installed. Contact us to learn more about security and screen doors.

All you need to know about custom made curtains in the Gold Coast

Custom made curtains are made in a particular way that allows them to create a personalized look or sense in any room where they are installed. If you want to create an embrace that uplifts, soothes or stirs, then custom made curtains are the best type of curtains that can allow you to do this. This is because they are all made to make something appear in a certain way depending on what you want. This article will discuss several things that you need to know about these custom-made curtains.


Benefits of using custom made curtains

The following are some of the benefits of having custom made curtains for your home:


  • Shape and size

Windows are among the things that you have no control over when it comes to sizes or shapes, unless you want an expensive renovation project. They are made depending on the home design that you chose to use and build your home with. For this reason, you will find that your windows may have varying shapes and sizes from those of your friends. To get a curtain that fits properly on your window irrespective of its size and shape can be a headache. The good thing with the custom made curtains is that they are available in different shapes and sizes, making them great for your windows.


  • Available in different and great designs

When it comes to custom made curtains in the Gold Coast, you have control over the design of curtains that are best for you and your home. These curtains come in different designs, which allow you to have the power to select the design that is best for you and matches your home décor. Most people invest in these curtains because they know that they will always have the design that matches their own, unlike most of the curtains you find in the market today.


  • They are great for gifting

When you want to give someone a gift, you have to choose the best gift ever. When gifting people like your mom or girlfriend, you must make sure that you have the best gift for them. The good thing about the custom made curtains is that they make great gifts for people in your life that like making a space their own. They allow you to select the designs and tastes of the person that you are gifting depending on their personality. When you give someone such a gift, they will never forget what you did, and they will always know that you value them.


  • Great for your interior design

The interior of your home should be stunning, and you should do all you can to make sure that you make the place beautiful. You have to choose the suitable curtains that make your interiors look amazing starting from the curtains you buy. When you have custom made curtains, they come in different designs that compliment the design of your home. This makes custom curtains great for interior design.


Selecting the right custom made curtains

Whenever you are buying your custom made curtains on the Gold Coast, there are things that you need to think about so that you do not make any mistakes. Take a look at the following points listed below, and they will help you select the best custom made curtains.

  • The functionality of the custom made curtains is crucial.
  • Select wisely the fabric and interlining on your custom made curtains
  • Go for high-quality custom made curtains even if they are expensive
  • The colour, style and design you select should complement your home’s interior

Trust only the best: Globe Interior Curtain suppliers.



What are the 3 differences between level 1 and level 2 electricians?

The vital qualification between a Level 1 Electrician and a Level 2 Electrician is that the latter is able to do establishments, fixes, and upkeep work on assistance lines that run between a property (both business and private) and the electrical stock organization. Level 2 electricians manage more risky errands than typical electrical technicians. They should be firmly observed to guarantee they follow security systems while tackling their job.  Level 1 supplier can play out the accompanying administrations:

  • laying and hanging of power links just as jointing of links
  • raising power posts and unearthing underground channels
  • linework with the exception of those that include live high voltage

A level 1 electrical expert is considered overhead and underground development work on appropriating networks situated to the adjoining street. A level 2 electrical expert is qualified and approved to play out the accompanying:

  • establishment of a contestable market metering
  • detachment and reconnection
  • underground helplines
  • overhead lines fixes and support
  • separating and reconnecting the electrical organization


A level 2 specialist organization is authorized to give for example development of administration lines between the circulation framework, mark of association with the premises, establishment of metering administrations, power supply redesigning. It is important that you understand what it means to be a level 1 and level 2 electrician so that you know when to employ one. The next step is understanding the differences. Major differences also include:

Separation and reconnection

Level 2 electrical expert is authorized constantly to introduce a force meter in your home. You need a meter to monitor your force utilization and charging. Power merchants can approve the separation of force supply to a client as a result of different reasons, for example, wellbeing measures or if the client has not taken care of their power bill for quite a while. To accomplish this work, the power merchants will send a level 2 circuit repairman to separate force supply since they have the right stuff to do so. After the issues have been settled, they will likewise send a level 2 circuit tester to reconnect the force supply.

Underground and overhead force supply

The electric force is communicated through two different ways, underground or overhead stockpile. The two sorts enjoy their own benefits and inconveniences and there are unique situations where one of them can be prescribed to the next. Underground force supply includes the utilization of links that pass underground while overhead uses electric shafts and links to supply power. Level 2 circuit repairmen can introduce overhead or underground force supply. They additionally supplant broken electric shafts or links.

Redesign power

Power is either associated at a solitary stage or 3 stages. Single-stage is for the most part utilized for homegrown use while 3 stages is utilized for mechanical or business use. The single stage has two wires, the live and unbiased while the 3 stage has 3 dynamic and one nonpartisan. In the event that you need to switch your power supply from a solitary stage to 3 stages, you can contact a level 2 electrical expert who will do it unhesitatingly.


Now that you know the difference between Level 1 and Level 2, you can easily hire a 24 hour electrician melbourne whenever you have an electricity related emergency.


Close it in a polyethylene tubular bag with the mothproof inside.

Even if it has been recently washed, moths can always surprise you, so put it in the coolest possible place, without humidity if possible. And if there was a window through which daylight would enter it would be even better. This is for added security if he has to stay indefinitely. In any case, even to keep them under control, every six months let them get some air.

Important, that’s why I insist: let them get some air.
At least every six months I recommend that you open it, check it and let it air for a few hours. I understand this is a nuisance, but I have seen too many moth-eaten rugs because they have been closed for so long.

The fluff on the newly purchased carpet.
Do not be scared, the carpet is new, and has just been shaved: it is natural that the first time it loses a bit of fluff. If it is of good quality it will disappear in a short time. If it isn’t, it will continue to shed fluff forever.

Rugs made with recycled wool waste give this result.

When you spot a flying thread, don’t tear it!
Show it to your trusted dealer, or better still contact us, we are always at your disposal.

The wear.
Do not leave the carpet always in the same position otherwise it always wears out in the same areas. Change the direction of the carpet once or twice a year.

Dents in the fleece due to the furniture.
Place felt rods under the legs of tables or furniture. A sheet of plywood in the case of marble or stone. If you have armchairs, tables, etc. with very small feet try to increase the support base by placing a sturdy object under it that increases the surface (for example, a round or square steel or brass cap depending on the shape of the foot).

How to avoid certain dents of the fleece?
Do not always leave an armchair, a coffee table, etc. in the same place. It is enough to move it a few centimeters every now and then and the fleece will recover.

The fleece is dented, how to do it? Is simple.
Take the iron and a brush and iron it with the steam, combing it in its direction without resting the iron. Basically you just have to take advantage of the steam.

Some rugs can be ironed normally, but not all, so to avoid mistakes, I suggest you proceed step by step: first just steam then placing it just by combing it.

The carpet always slips and moves.
Obviously we need to put the anti-slip underneath. If the carpet does not slip, everything is fine, but if it does slip it is very dangerous and someone could get hurt.

On the market there are various kinds, usually in latex, rubber, etc. The rubber ones have a bad flaw: they leave a mark on the floor that never goes away.

We offer you an exclusive anti-slip , which you can also buy online and order to measure. It leaves no marks on the floors and protects the carpet from wear, which is no less important than avoiding bad falls.

Furniture on the carpet.
Before moving the carpet, make sure you have moved any furniture on it, otherwise it could tear.

The wax.
Do not wax the part of the floor under the carpets too much. Excess wax can ruin the carpet and make it dirty faster.


We have noticed that many people just don’t know how to properly treat their rugs at home.
Often the incorrect use of cleaning tools, detergents and inappropriate methods can cause irreparable damage to carpets.

I often read articles in blogs dedicated to ladies who solve any problem in a very simple way.
I’m sorry: this is real nonsense that is useless.

How many times do they call after ruining carpets with the “do it yourself”, especially desperate domestic helpers!
When it comes to antique specimens, we are witnessing real disasters that could easily have been avoided with a simple, but effective, carpet maintenance.

Our advice on the maintenance of oriental carpets done at home is the result of many years of experience and the answers to all the questions that customers usually ask us when they bring their carpets.

When carpets arrive for washing and restoration in our laboratory, we can understand how their life was, how they were treated, but above all we give advice on how the customer should treat them in the future so as not to have the same problems again.

Tips on carpet maintenance to do at home are very important because they will help you have a more beautiful home by spending much less on washing and renovations.

It is clear that these tips do not replace professional washing and restoration , but they will certainly help you reduce the need for it.

Read all the tips on how to clean oriental rugs and how to treat them well at home.
How to store carpets for short or long periods?
This is one of our customers’ frequently asked questions. Let’s see what the precautions are. Roll your carpet well so that it will keep without deforming. Remember that this will only keep your carpet in good condition if it is perfectly clean.

Better folded or rolled?
For reasons of space, sometimes the carpet is folded and left like this for a long time. It is a mistake that can be costly, especially if it is an antique carpet or with a normal pile.

If you store the rug folded, it will make you ugly creases. Aside from the creases, if you have antique rugs, the structure could get damaged, weaken and make nice cuts.
If the carpet is new and has enough fleece, it will crush and become ugly to look at.

So always roll up the carpet and never fold it for long periods.

Trained Cleaners:

We at Pacmate have high expertise and use our training and skills to make sure we dry clean your carpets without taking too much of your time.

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